The Beast – and a beauty


Kevin with his bruiser from Gaula’s Junction pool. Thirty one pounds and he looks it.

So the weeks pass by after a memorable visit to the Gaula at the start of this month and before August, and the Norway salmon season, ends next Wednesday, I just wanted to post this photo of our lodge mate Kevin Knowles from California with his big one.

It’s a male fish, was released like all our fish that week, and it was exactly double the size of one I caught that same morning of Friday 5 August.

Just to remind you how pretty a salmon, albeit a small one, can look, here’s a grilse from the E beats taken earlier in the week.. Only 3lb but as pretty as they come.

2016-08-02 11.00.05

So I hope you are all having some good fishing. I don’t fish again for 4 weeks but with a trip to the Miramichi in Canada at the end of September, followed by last knockings in October on the Nith, I can’t complain.


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2 Responses to The Beast – and a beauty

  1. Bradford Burns says:

    Henry – nice. You should fix your blog so that when someone clicks on a picture like “the bruiser” that it enlarges substantially. You often have a nice photo that I would like to be able to see better. Brad

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