Dungarvon and Renous

img_0541The Dungarvon River is a tributary of the Renous River. It wells up in a lake in the Miramichi uplands, part of the Appalachian mountains and joins the main southwest Miramichi.

We went there yesterday.

20160929_113638There is limited road access to the Dungarvon, as it largely flows through deeply forested terrain. Bears live here, more this year than ever, we were told by our guide Duncan. His friend who guides hunting groups has shot 35 over the summer. (Ok, I know :O)

20160929_084602Duncan, married with nine children, has spent most of the summer shooting, tracking and fishing in the woods. With the kids, I asked? “No. They don’t like fishin'”. Hmm.

He took us to a beautiful pool which is normally productive, but not this time. Three salmon jumped, so it was worth the effort. At the head of this post is a really nice shot C took as we left. I went down to have a few more casts and he and Duncan walked to the top of the cliff above the pool and this image was the result, a candidate for photo of the week I feel. I may put it on the header of the blog.

This has been the week Christopher’s pools have come into their own. We kicked it off catching one apiece from Swetts on Wednesday. A grilse for Christopher and a 7 or 8lb coloured cock fish for me.


Then it was nice to drive Christopher’s battlebus two miles down the road and catch up with the other rods at fishing camp, Country Haven. Birthday boy Byzie and friends came in late from the river to report a 15 pounder from Swetts, two from Kim’s, a 95cm fish from Crawford’s, you get the picture.

It’s been a good week.



Christopher plays his first-ever salmon from Swett pool. We fished it last year but with very warm water temperatures we never had much of a chance. Anyway this time, C was ‘backing-up’ walking upstream towards the island. After the excitment and Hi-5s I went off up to the top of the island and ten minutes later my rod was bent to quite a solid smaller salmon, a deep fish. Both were of course returned/the whole river is ‘Hook and release’ as they call Catch and release in Canada.



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