It’s hard being frozen

Upstream+to+the+village+8+May.jpgSo it’s open. Varzuga river on Russia’s Kola. Except it’s not, it’s frozen. For frustrated Roxtons early rods this isn’t a Disney princess story. This is a delay to their Russian salmon season opener that will set them back 51 weeks.

Charlie White and his Roxtons team have without hesitation transferred rods to the 2018 slot, or offered a refund. But to Bill Drury and the team out there in the Murmansk hinterland it’s ice, snowmobiles and night time temperatures of minus 6. But daytime ‘highs’ of seven degrees so with luck the river will break open soon.

And while team Bill can avail themselves of first-class log cabin facilities, we all wait for the fireworks to begin.

Stop press: reading the blog again today (Sat 13th) I see Bill hasn’t been up this week, he arrives shortly. It’s been the energetic Jack Selby blogging. (Nice job Jack.) I do like the igloo they’ve built at Sabacchi camp to welcome Bill. It’s just so Roxtons/Varzuga. .


When it warms up. Middle Varzuga in June 2014, on a hectic final afternoon’s sport when four salmon, within 90 minutes, took a liking to a big Phatakorva tube-fly fished off an intermediate shooting-head. This, I believe, is the rock at Clarke’s. I think that’s right, Brian Fratel told me when I showed him the photo once.


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