It was a big thrill to see my article on Max von dem Borne published in the spring issue of Medlar Press’s Waterlog magazine today. Von dem Borne was the 19th century Prussian chamberlain who founded fish farming on his 240-acre feudal estate at Neumark on the River Mietzel. More directly to the fishing world his legacy was the Illustrated Handbook of Sportfishing, originally published in 1875.

The cult magazine [Waterlog], revered by thinking fishers everywhere, is on issue 99 and I don’t want to say any more because I may get sad but if you want to see this one. . and reserve the already famous issue 100 call Rose on 01691 623225.

I hope you enjoy my piece and watch this space for news of an English translation of the latest de facto edition of Die Angelfischerei by Dr Armin Goellner – think Walton’s The Compleat Angler with nano-fibre rods and baseball caps via colourplates – which I hope to be involved with.


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