El verano pasado (Last summer)

Is it not wonderful that a phrase, even a phrase in Spanish (Pippa, 10, and I are currently learning that language via the entertaining Duolingo app) or perhaps especially a phrase in a parallel but related sphere, can jolt you into another dimension?

Perhaps it is not that surprising because it speaks about the way the human brain works. Brain cells, connected by electric impulses of thoughts, lead via impossibly wonderful (yes) connections into the subconscious mind. Memory, emotional understanding (I know, reference ‘current buzz’ emotional intelligence: checked) and meaning (and power) coalesce and form and reform in an infinitely precious stream of id, ego and superego.

Where does that leave you in fishing terms – dreaming of last summer?

To some extent, yes. Yes it does, but increasingly now looking forward to this one, especially if we can get a bit of rainfall.

Stop press: The very much needed rain last week brought some action on the Tweed with 45 salmon caught on the beats below Kelso (don’t know if that includes Junction) and over a hundred though the whole system. The catch being, as you’d expect, river fish but also some sea-liced ones. And it moved fish up the river a bit and through Boleside, where they caught five salmon. Some nice sea-trout about too, posted (Martin at) Tay Salmon Fly on Facebook.



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