Ready, steady . . gone!

I have been playing around with this date of June 1.

Obviously I have to post on ‘the Adventure’ on this day. Not only do the meteorologists flag it as the start of summer, but it is also the start of the Norwegian salmon fishing season. If that is not enough, it now emerges from the Varzuga blog out on the (currently) frozen wastes of the Kola peninsula of Russia, that it is the day the salmon of the White Sea decided to turn up, at least in the lower camp. Hurrah!

But first Norway: courtesy of Jouni Rauha and Facebook, comes news of fish for the Gaula Flyfishing lodge rods including a fine salmon of 94cm caught and released by Jouni himself at Evjen pool. A rod rejoicing in the name of Teemu caught “a massive salmon of 117cm at Röskaft pool and Ville caught and released a 97 cm salmon at Evjen pool.”

The Teemu leviathan is pictured here. A big male, so cool to see fish like this fresh and that is what spring fishing on the Gaula is all about.

Back to Russia and 112 fish came to the 12 rods at Middle Varzuga one day this week, while Charlie White wrote on the blog today they had 90 odd fish yesterday (including the typical Varzuga seven-pounder pictured, top, here, by David C). The interesting thing there is usually many of Middle’s fish are caught on Generator pool, but that is very iced up still now for its usual role as an out of hours pool and most fish are coming from ‘office hours’ [use of inverted commas] fishing with the guides.

So [use of ‘So’ – stop it for heaven’s sake!] at Lower, six were caught by one rod in the afternoon yesterday and that is more like it. Finally, one’s heart goes out to the upper-river Pana rods who have yet to encounter such (or any) runs as they are further up the river. Just one fish yesterday to the guide but they will come.


pp4skrkhf9nazyixit0xAll those who follow HSA are part of a select club and many of you I know personally/ some of you I am related to! The common denominator is you are all fantastically good people, and also wise people, so you might be interested in the following:

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