Pierre hits Gaula running

It has been a pleasure to get some regular updates from our (not royal we, I mean Christopher and my) pal Pierre Egger out on the Norwegian Flyfishers’ Club waters of the Gaula this week.

“Hello,” he said yesterday.  “I got a 10.8 kg this morning. Big 20 minutes fight with this beautiful fresh fish. Best regards. Pierre”

He’s had a couple of grilse too.

Said Pierre: “The successful flies have been banana for two fishes and black and yellow for the third one. The beat E7 for the 10.8 and the 3.0 kg and L1 for the 2.0 kg.”

The Gaula is low, but it is raining a bit now with more forecast. Happy days.


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2 Responses to Pierre hits Gaula running

  1. cdc says:

    Happy days indeed!!!!

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