Fall colours coming through

3picMira17It should really be Fall colors or alternatively, Autumn colours shouldn’t it. Ha.

So here is a quick one from the Miramichi. Pictured is the Southwest pool just below our house on which we have shared drought-shrunken water with six other ‘sports’ from (Byzie’s) Country Haven camp, a fair few head-and-tailing but disinterested salmon, one right under my rod tip, and… a belly-flopping beaver. I just knew it wasn’t a salmon as it was close in to the bank. Didn’t I??

Happy days and a bunch of fishing friends including ‘BB’ author of Closing the Season – a lovely 2012 log/ramble through the autumn fishing on the Cains and ‘Mira’ – coming for lunch.

Thundery rain tomorrow so here’s hoping.

Here is hoping. Bye.


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