November challenge

Murdo-Crosbie-Cowhill-8lb-salmon-released-1I have been sorting through all my fishing photographs, and some images that are not mine, for a, ahem, project I am working on (more news very soon) and one action shot I really like is this one of an 8lb salmon being played at the Cowhill beat of the Nith. That much I can get from the jpg info, and also the name Murdo Crosbie.

If anyone knows Mr Crosbie, or can give more info, or if indeed this is your photo, then please get in touch. It is a nice shot with a good ‘fish on’ bend in the rod. Looks like September? Finally, the info says the fish was released.

So apologies for a bit of a no show of late on the blog (see above project). Hope you rounded of your seasons well if you don’t still have a day or two on Nith or Tweed.


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2 Responses to November challenge

  1. Hugo Finley says:

    It is a great photo, if you google ‘Murdo Crosbie’ he has a number of pages, including a fairly active Facebook page ( so I am sure you could contact him through one of those.

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