The Glenkiln Sculptures

I forget whether I ever blogged about the Glenkiln reservoir sculptures my dad and I, and my mother on one occasion, used to visit before they were stolen, well one was and the others removed about 5 years ago. Sculptures by Rodin, Henry Moore and Jacob Epstein. We still have the photographs and for me they still stand in the wild Dumfriesshire uplands . .

Tammy Tour Guide

Glenkiln Sculpture Trail Glenkiln Sculpture Trail

Guest blog by Tony van Diesel

A trip to the Glenkiln sculpture walk in the Dumfriesshire countryside seemed like an inspired plan for a cultural walk. But it was to end in a big disappointment.

Tammy had been leafing through our favourite mini-walks guide book. When she suggested that we could see a Rodin, an Epstein and no less than four Henry Moores all on a four mile walk, it seemed the perfect choice.

We quickly polished off the brunch frankfurters and set off to Glenkiln reservoir, just a few miles to the east of Dumfries.

Art attack

Glenkiln Sculpture Trail Glenkiln Reservoir car park

We parked the van at the head of the reservoir, and were a bit puzzled when the Rodin “Saint John the Baptist” wasn’t where we thought it would be, overlooking the car park.

But we put it down to bad navigation, or poor observational skills, both of which…

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