Happy Christmas 2017

Tight lines and a Happy and Prosperous New Year in 2018 to all my cherished and loyal followers! May this be the season you either catch more salmon, or a seriously big salmon takes your fly and stays on the line until you are able to bring it to hand or bank and then carefully release it back into the river. Having taken a nice picture (which you can send to this blog!) and carefully measured it from fork of tail to tip of nose.


So 2018 has a special excitement for me in that my book on Salmon Fishing, which is about how to catch more of them, is to be published by White Owl Books, an imprint of Pen & Sword books. Scheduled for October ’18. Keep following HSA and I shall be sure to update you! You can follow White_Owl_Books on Instagram or on Twitter at @WhiteOwlBooks or on Mr Zuckerberg’s FB.

Taking no chances on Canada’s Renous


SO: 2017? Well the Nith continues to concern all who love her – but I had a couple of nice if low water visits to the Gaula in Norway and the Miramichi in New Brunswick, eastern Canada. The total they yielded was 2 salmon only, and it reminds me of what a very wise man in Dumfriesshire once told me – that any season you catch a salmon is a good season and I’m sure we agree with that. The lead photos on this post show a miraculous salmon catch after the lowest water for 100 years on the Miramichi. Host and great fishing buddy Christopher and I dropped in at the Renous tributary run into the Mira as the tide came in – almost literally on our way to the airport at the end of the week – and suddenly we hooked 3 salmon in 90 minutes. Luckily one of them stayed on and the man in the hoodie could pose for a rather blurred shot!

Herewith some photos reprised.


Paul Rouse (both the above) on Russia’s River Kitza, June 2017



My 50th Birthday present (left) from my parents: a Hardy Bougle. Status: virgin

Glenkiln Sculpture TrailThanks also to Tammy (pictured above), author of the previous reblogged post, art tourist and blogger, who three days ago replied of the missing Glenkiln sculptures:

“Great that you saw the sculptures in such a dramatic location. Still no news of what has happened to them, sad to say.”


This below: it really is an important issue as the last thing we want is to blur the issue on Atlantic salmon conservation when so much is at stake: SO  I commented (and you can too by signing):

“My pal is a climate change scientist who says the recent categorisation of Scottish [salmon] rivers is based on bad science. The river I have fished for 15 years, the Nith in D&G has gone from Cat 3 to 1 in a season. No one is saying it’s a bed of roses on the Nith – I haven’t caught a fish for 2 yrs and am broadly in favour of catch and release, but this has to be thought through better and it is concerning if a crash in budgets for fishing clubs stops young people – the future – getting involved in the sport. This being particularly relevant to the Nith where public access is generally very good.”


I just signed the petition, “Roseanna Cunningham MSP: Scottish Government should abandon river categorisation scheme until it has reliable data.” I think this is important. Will you sign it too?

Here’s the link:


Finally: salmon conservation giant, Icelander Orri Vigfusson, who passed in 2017. No one man has done more for the species and we all owe it to him and each other to continue the effort. Orri, we salute, and miss, you!

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