Some interesting angling images about Cairnton, AHE Wood and Sherriff JDD Dallas

Fascinating information here on AHE Wood.


From Thomas Thore’s Hardcore Flyfishing website.


My good friend Ken Reid sent over a collection of amazing old photos from the River Dee

 Arthur Wood was an engineer by training and had a passionate, and developing interest in salmon fishing: in the eyes of the fishing community, he is credited with proving the value of greased line tactics. Greased-line develops the concept that, as water temperature rises, salmon prefer to rise from their rest on the bottom of the river to take flies presented on, or close to, the surface. As fishers we now relish, and the heart stops, when we see a boil on the top of the water.

Wood’s book JOCK SCOTT goes into great detail on the subject. Now we take a ‘floating line’ for granted, but until the 1960s manufacturers had not developed the line technology to produce self-efficient lines that…

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2 thoughts on “Some interesting angling images about Cairnton, AHE Wood and Sherriff JDD Dallas

  1. Fascinating stuff Henry. Among the various Lords and Sirs I saw the name of Neville Chamberlin in 1932. It appears he was also quite a good fishermen.

    1. Thanks Brad. Only just seen this one and we’ve since communicated. Glad the salmon conservational efforts at Boston went well by all accounts.
      Nice to see that Neville Chamberlain liked his fishing. He has had a tough assessment in history, often revised the other way but also settling back on that ‘piece of paper’, altho many argue he did well to avoid war with Germany in 1938, before England was equipped and the Spitfire and RADAR in their infancy and in the case of the latter I’m not sure it had been born, as it were.
      BR Henry.

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