Criffel Hill in 2018 – and my clever wife’s new website

Criffel d&G from Caerlaverock reserve Bill Bailey twitter picThe Nith season is underway and fish have been seen in the river, probably kelts. The opening ceremony took place at Dalswinton this year on Monday 26 February and a young angler, after only a few casts, caught a kelt.

I like the above picture very much – taken by comic and actor Bill Bailey from the Caerlaverock reserve (much loved by the BBC spring and autumn watch teams) looking west across the Solway’s salt lands to Criffel Hill. My father and I climbed this a few Julys back and if you dig back into this blog you’ll find some photos. This picture, however, was taken in January 2018 and you can just see the Nith estuary between Bill and his camera and Criffel.

Elsewhere the Tay has produced a 35-pound salmon which you can find on the sister Facebook page to this. A truly impressive fish.

Finally, my wife Chloe has always been supportive of my fishing so I want to mention her brand new, state-of-the-art, hi tech, lo hassle website which you can visit right HERE. It is a sensational bit of work and she hasn’t slept for the last 4 nights setting it up with her tech guru John. It centres on what’s on, where to stay, arts and culture and summer festivals and year round theatre and music throughout the east and south of England. Also gift experiences which includes a lot of flying including helicopter and glider and hot air balloon adventures that I have personally been on and survived. Or if you want to simply climb around the canopy of our ancient woodlands and zip wire down again you can do that too. You get the picture. It is fully compatible and integrated and offers a seamless online experience and is the shape of things to come. No I said that yesterday: it is the shape of things today now it is live and it is already white hot with visitors. Have a flick and enjoy.

Tight lines – Henry.



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