Om shanti camellias


From the foothills of the Himalayas. Or rather from my Mum’s garden, this morning.

An excitement is the delivery of a MacBook Air this afternoon. This, with a new i-Phone, will encourage me to write books. And finish editing the current one.

That is the plan.

Tight lines, those fishing. I’ve heard of one or two on the Spey (21 springers last week on Gledfield, perhaps 34 on the river) although as everywhere the story so far is: more please. To be fair the weather has been less than conducive so the air from the south this week should kickstart the season on some rivers.


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Born to fish forced to work and fish
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4 Responses to Om shanti camellias

  1. Nick says:

    Henry, looking forward to your new book. Hope the new tech stuff helps smooth its progress, but even if it doesn’t, it will be fun to play with!

  2. Hugo Finley says:

    We have a book to look forward too…. yippee! We should try and meet up sometime soon.

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