Still slow on Spey and Tweed


Well we still await strong runs of fish on Scotland’s big rivers. So the week commencing 7th May saw this report from the Spey Fishery Board:

“Last week’s forecast again failed to predict Thursday’s windy conditions, when casting a fly was difficult at times. The coming week is pretty much of the same, though perhaps a little warmer. Today’s rain is the last forecast till next weekend, temperatures also are predicted to rise again as the week progresses. The tides are building till the weekend, hopefully the bigger tides will bring in some fish, there were very few last week.’

Very few last week? Well, pictured is a nice wee salmon by Brenda Howard with a fish from Castle Grant 2.

Meanwhile the Tweed has not been producing fish in volume although some of the famous chunky sea trout are now turning up.

Even on the Dee, which saw 80 odd salmon for the week, they are still keen to post a 100 fish week.


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