Spotted on the Varzuga

John Rocha MV 21May18It couldn’t be world famous fashion designer John Rocha could it, out fishing on Russia’s Varzuga river? Yes it could. Rather a bruising salmon, beautifully marked.

The Varzuga continues to produce its legendary spring fishing. Middle camp is the best bet and is where John R is fishing. But numbers of fish are slowly creeping up on Lower and the Kitza started this week, although it is very high and very cold on that Varzuga tributary.

Elsewhere, on the Nith in ‘the nearest wild part of Scotland’ (John Buchan), ‘You can call me’ Al Blyth, who does the reports on FishNith writes:  ‘It’s been a late spring but the swallows are here, birds are singing and I saw the first ducklings this year. It’s getting warmer and there will be more springers with each tide and I can’t wait, seatrout night fishing is just round the corner.’


Do you do night fishing? Charlie and I don’t, but I might try a cast at dusk and there have been a few seatrout caught recently on Nith, to 4lb or so. In about 7 weeks I shall be there with my secret weapon and secret weapon in waiting who might just get into something. She’s only 11 after all.


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