Salmon from Kola to the Carse

Paul Rouse fishes Kitza in a previous year and he had a decent fish on here, in very high water.

It was nice to see 187 of you drop by one day recently to view this blog. It made me realise I should be posting some more material so why not choose this first day of the Norwegian season? I know of two fish off the Norwegian Flyfishers Club waters of the Gaula today. A nice spring salmon off BS1 for Thies Reimers and another of 20lb odd from what looks to be the Junction pool, by Alessio Falorni.

Meanwhile on the Kola it was nice to see Brad Burns get a very solid day under his belt on the Kitza. Roxtons reported: “Kitza again was the best of the camps with 27 fish for their 9 rods.  Brad Burns had his best day on the river landing 8 of those from Spey Bank and Beaver Pit whilst Jamie K continued his good week by landing 5 more.” So, cool. Oh and I like this from Charlie White, whose blogging this year is better than ever. Why? Detail. Detail and incisive and creative forays into the conscious and semi conscious (!) state of the hard core fishing client base, fuelled by fine food but also by sometimes Russian quantities of hard liquor:

“We had a tough day at Lower and landed 10 fish but the way those fish were spread meant that everyone felt as though as they were in with a chance.  We have a really fun team here at the moment and last night descended fairly rapidly into a vodka vortex.  Whilst everyone was physically at breakfast this morning, there was quite a lot of vacant space and today will feel like a long day.”

Glenkiln Sculpture Trail
Glenkiln Reservoir, Dumfries and Galloway

Meanwhile after a very low water May, the Nith is starting to awaken with fresh thunderstorm rainwaters raising the river in the headwaters at Cumnock. Salmon have been caught through lower river beats to Friars Carse and it is very good news to hear of a good run of sea trout, well spread. Let’s hope there will be a few around when I visit with my secret weapon rods of Pippa, 11, and Dad, 11 + 70-odd, next month.

Hear that? Next month. July. And that, as they say, will do for me.



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