Across the rivers


A nice salmon caught from Delfur last week. Courtesy of Spey Fishery Board.

So the news keeps coming in. In Scotland the latest update was from the Spey, where fishing has been a little challenging in the warm, dry conditions. Like on other rivers the levels have been dropping like a stone and while great beats like Delfur and Knockando have produced fish, overall it’s been a bit thin. In Russia, the first week of June marks the time when all the rivers start opening up and while the Varzuga continues to churn out fish, especially the Kitza, in ever so slightly less than prolific numbers, the Ponoi was reporting by the end of their Week 2 some 40+ salmon per rod – really some sensational fishing out there.

In the Scottish Highlands I read some nice reports of beautiful River Carron salmon being caught at Braelangwell Lodge. However, by June they had very low water, with four fish only one week. On the Beauly the fishing has been down with ones, threes, sixes and two weeks of eights only, in the past 8 weeks. This compares with weeks of 25 or so at this time of early summer only 3-5 years ago. Of course the numbers build up rapidly now and there was the famous week 22 catch of 126 salmon back in the bumper year of 2012, and I have a horrible feeling that was the three days I turned down when invited by fishing friend Christopher. Their party had forty-something for the week and I’ve always rather wished I’d been along then.

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 15.40.58
Please excuse the uncropped Facebook screengrab of this image – but (he claimed) I did it for a reason, to show that poignant FB Memories authenticity vibe. Either way seven years is a long time in fishing. A lower Varzuga fish by yours truly from May 2011 in a very prolific early week. Note the dark colour of an ‘ice’ fish, ie one that had overwintered under the frozen White Sea. Hooking one of these fish is a bit like being attached to a small express train; you marvel at the power, and just hope it stays on and doesn’t smash your tackle.


Finally, Norway has opened well. Some proper bruisers from the Gaula. Photos in my next post. (Don’t miss it! If you aren’t already a follower sign up on the home page.)

Tight lines all.


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