In honour of the Wild Boars

I am re-blogging this post from October 2014 in honour of the rescued and still to be rescued boys and young men of the Wild Boar football team in Thailand, and also with a special mention to 25-year-old assistant coach Ekapol Chantawong, who is one of the weakest because he reportedly refused to eat any of the food and gave it instead to the boys. Also in memory of Saman Gunan, former Thai Navy SEAL, who lost his life preparing for the main rescue bid.

And the reason for reblogging this particular post from four years ago? The photograph of hauntingly beautiful Wild Boar fell, in the Yorkshire Dales, which I climbed with Dad, Robert and William back in the 1970s and 80s from our West Scar House base camp.

We hope and we pray for the safe delivery of the remainder of the stranded football team in North Thailand and give thanks for the British divers who found them in the first place at the end of last week.

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No fish yesterday or today. Eerily quiet.


The iconic majesty of Wild Boar fell, driving up through the Dales, yesterday.



Nithsdale, yesterday at dusk. Also the Trigony Hotel garden, looking autumnal.


Howard’s Toby. I rescued it, cast across the Nith from right to left bank into my feet. I said I’d return it to him tomorrow when I meet him at Beat 1.
And that’s a true fishy story.
More anon.

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