News from the Spey

Releasing my first-ever Spey fish, caught at Carron and Laggan in June 2012.

It’s nice to get news from the River Spey, thanks to the Spey Fishery Board and Malcolm Newbould, for the week 30th July – 4th August.

“What little rain that fell was soon absorbed by the ground and the river showed very little change in height. Next week’s forecast does have some rain, Monday evening looks promising and again on Thursday, but we will have to wait and see if it makes any significant improvement. The tides are building all week.

Gordon Castle beats finished in the low thirties, mostly grilse but Ian Tennant tells me there were a few salmon.
Delfur were again into double figures. Including four Delfur badges for people catching their “first” fish.

At Arndilly, 27 were caught this week, a mixture of older salmon and fresh grilse. Five of the salmon were over 15lb
Carron though very lightly fished had three salmon and two sea trout, the best estimated at 8lbs.

Grantown suffered more than most with the very dry conditions, with only a grilse and a handful of sea trout landed. Abernethy and Aviemore saw the river come up a few inches and fishers reported fish were taking but few were landed. The lucky ones reported 3 seatrout for the week, best 3lb.”

So there it is. I like the idea of the Delfur badges for first fish. I would have liked a Carron badge for that dreamy few days at Laggan house where I stayed with Christopher L, Bary Welham and party.

Meanwhile I have had a surprise invite to fish my own beat of the Nith but on a different week which is always fun. The water has lifted a little of late so we’ll have to see what it looks like in a fortnight. I’ve also booked a full day of AAPGAI spey casting tuition on the R Eden at Lazonby with Glyn Freeman and am really looking forward to that and moving forward on that road hopefully.

Tight lines all those out fishing.


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