I’ve only gone and done it. Relaunched Henry’s Salmon Adventure.


Why? I’m going fishing for three tasty late summer/autumn 2018 weeks in Scotland and Canada. I’ve written sixty thousand words about salmon fishing that’s being published in January 2019 in hardback by White Owl Books, and I’m back on the AAPGAI path to (hopefully) Provisional DH Rod qualification, starting next Wednesday on the beautiful lower Eden with Glyn Freeman. Glyn and I go back many years and I can’t wait to catch up in that stunningly beautiful part of Cumbria.

I hope you like the new look of the Home page – and please note the new added pages referring to the above projects.

20180720_173424Meanwhile, when I asked my daughter, Pippa, 11 (pictured here on the Nith last month), what she thought I should do with HSA, she said she liked constant updates and snippets of news. She is not wrong, that’s how all this started and that’s how I intend to breathe vibrancy into a medium I’ve always loved. So thanks Pips, and I’ll keep publishing (and micropublishing via Twitter and ‘the dreaded’ FB, even dare I say it Insta) – over the coming weeks and if I can catch and release my 2018 salmon and maybe a couple of his friends, then so much the better.

Tight lines all and do please feed back here, or elsewhere on ‘da social’. I have some super nice stories, one from a friend I’ll only refer to as PB for now about his drought-stricken ‘road trip’ in Sutherland this summer. It’s a great story of real flyfishing passion and endeavour – which ended in bar-of-silver success and on association water I’d recommended – and I need to clear with him for permission to publish so again, watch this space. Bye.


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