A Solway nibble

Last week I visited southern Scotland and Cumbria, briefly. The main purpose of the trip was to attend a one-day AAPGAI course with Glyn Freeman on the Cumbrian Eden. This I did, and we had a really useful day.

We saw fish. The fish saw us, and decided they didn’t want to take my fly. Until I showed them Glyn’s finest Raymond Brooks’ Sunray Shadow which an Eden salmon (or sea trout, or big trout) did decide he liked and nipped the tail of. Without nipping the hook.

IMG-0043On the Monday and Tuesday I fished the Nith and caught a 2.5lb sea trout, on a fly related to Ray’s Sunray: the Collie Dog. It absolutely nobbled it in our Burn Pool and tore off and I couldn’t believe it wasn’t a grilse.

Three salmon were caught on the Monday in the environs of middle Nith’s Craig’s pool. All were 4-6lb fish: grilse. I saw a perfect little gunmetal 5 pounder and a similar sized, more coloured river fish jumping almost under my rod tip in Thorneybank pool. So very nice to see fish again, and I beleve they caught 20 on the Annan last week too. Hooray.

Many thanks to Glyn for his amazing teaching. I used his Sage 9-footer to have great fun with the anchored double hauling as a break from DH casting on his Loop rod. We did the circle cast, roll cast and I was quite pleased with it all. Glyn said my casting was good which is very kind of him. I thought it was passable but I had been fishing since 7am that morning when I’d fished Nith’s beat 1 before dashing down the M6.

The iconic downstream bridge view at Auldgirth

A week on Saturday I fly out to New Brunswick to fish the Miramichi and talk fishing with a great bunch of flyfishers who are as committed to the sport as anyone you’ll meet.

I can’t wait.



4 thoughts on “A Solway nibble

  1. Henry,

    I think I should follow your example and get some more casting tuition. Never could get the hang of roll casting.

    Have a splendid trip to Canada – hope to read of your exploits in due course.


    1. Thank you Nick. The only issue for we East Anglian based fishers is where to get it. I am having to carefully weave it into my northern expeditions. I fish Nith again 2nd week of October and aim to get out with Glyn again then. I would like to do some roll casting with you, I think I might be able to help. You raise the rod – slowly, slowly, as slow as you like, to the upright position, pointing back. And then it’s all about the sound, the movement of bringing the rod forward. Smooth then swoosh at the end with stroke and power in the last bit.

      1. Thank Henry, that would be great. Yes, tricky doing anything fly-fishing-wise in East Anglia. Roll casting on a calm day on Aldeburgh beach? We might even catch something. That would give the lugworm and 8oz lead weight people something to think about!

        My usual autumn trip to the Frome and Piddle is, sadly, unlikely to happen this year. (I can get tuition there, as it happens). However, the reason is good – we’ll be in Scotland – on Mull and then Loch Tay so looking forward to that.

        Any news of the book?

  2. Okay cool.

    The book news is hardback Jan 2019 and paperback Sept 2019. I’ll do a post on it shortly, there’s a bit more info on the page, here (see menu bar top right).

    Do you get tuition with Pete Tyjas’s operation I wonder? They’re called the Devon School of Flyfishing.

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