Miramichi ‘wild’ life

Here are some more or less random images of beautiful New Brunswick where I am chasing salmon with Christopher, Brad and others. So far Christopher has caught one fish (in play above and held by guide

Danny here, at Coughlan’s pool) plus the fish Brad has inevitably caught this week at Brophy and Doctor’s Island.

32DC47F9-6DC5-440B-886B-811EBD78F3B1This blogger (a shadowy figure, see Moors pool on the Cains above), has caught none and I only managed to ‘turn without contact’ – the lowest ranking remarkable fishing incident (!) – and it is now Friday.

But and there is a but. We fish the remarkable Renous debouchement tonight and for my last two days, the Hershey Club waters where fish have been showing in the low water conditions.

Wild life? The boys had a good lunch back at Brad’s after his kind invite to fish Doctor’s Island yesterday. I’ve seen woodpeckers (pictured top grouping), forest frogs, beaver, fox but not the big two, bear and moose. Yet. Oh and here’s another of Christopher’s Atlantic Salmon. The species we all want to see up close, safely released after an aerobatic fight. About 6lb. Also the tail of Doctor’s Island and Gray Rapids, about two hours ago.


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