An update

F48A42C8-C36D-4832-ACC2-47EBE7B88816Fish have been moving well into the Nith last week. Three salmon were caught from Barjarg on the middle river on Tuesday. The best salmon was 15lb and a 4lb sea trout raised some eyebrows, but not others. That’s because sea trout
continue to come back to Nith in a Solway good news story. And there’s nothing fake about the fact that it’s been the best August for a while on the Nith.


The photo above is not Nith but Doctor’s Island on the Miramichi. There Brian Warrington caught two salmon on day one of the current week but it’s been tough since although a nice fish popped up on FB today: well done Brian.

Meanwhile Neil Stephenson continues to catch ‘many salmons’ albeit a bit ‘dark’ on the Ab Dee at Banchory. Nice one Neil.

Tight lines


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