Good morning everyone


The fishing is useless but this is fun! Sleeping in the car (too wet to even consider putting up my ‘Mountain Warehouse Man’ tent), with a litre of Lavazza on the go.

Coffee in this situation, of course, always ends up tasting like camp coffee. Multiple reheats over camping gas and fresh air gives it that pleasant twang.

Any road here I am, ‘Skinning midges in Penpunt, Away with you..’ as the local people (and our friend Ainsley who’s a local lass) says.

98128D6E-4765-4912-B2C1-ECBF64DB771B.jpegI saw a salmon jump right here yesterday.

This morning I’ll have a go at Howard’s bit of the river. I’m an honoured guest having met him and his three dogs yesterday. He said I may as well fish it as I’m the only one on the river.

The river is running at well over three feet of food water throughout. A churning, brown, leaf filled motorway of water.

But there are fish in it.


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