December already

And it looks set fair for 2019.

Happy Christmas to you all when it comes.

I’ve been reading Captain J Hughes-Parry. A man who really knew salmon secrets, especially on the Welsh Dee. Arthur Oglesby thought highly of his hunting instinct.

It’s in my book, publication of which has dropped back to April 2019. . .


2 thoughts on “December already

  1. Happy Holidays Henry! I booked my Naver fishing this week, it is about the only thought of spring I’ve allowed myself to have. As you may have heard the Miramichi froze at an almost record early date, and the temperature in Blackville tomorrow morning with be -20C. It hasn’t been above freezing there for a couple of weeks. Hopefully all that will be good for our favorite fish. Brad

    1. Oh Brad only just seen but Happy Holidays to you too. Naver? Well deserved. If you can lay hands on Trout and Salmon magazine January 2019 issue you can start a Happy New Year Reading my piece Alone on the Nith.

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