In Trout and Salmon

I hope some of you loyal followers managed to catch my article in the January 2019 issue of Trout and Salmon magazine, out now. It was great fun to write; hope you enjoy it.

Meanwhile my book has been slightly delayed in terms of publication. Sorry about that, these things happen in the book publishing world, where there’s a three-month turnaround. I hope those of you who’ve preordered will find the delay has only heightened your sense of anticipation.

It remains to wish you a Happy New Year (again) and hope you are looking forward to the new season, which starts in earnest on the River Tay in 12 days’ time. It is such a fab feeling as a flyfisher to think of a new year and new season and to anticipate the improbable moment of delight when your rod bangs over again as a fish cavorts away and you start the adventure all over again.

The photograph above is a low-water River Miramichi viewed from the Hershey Club veranda, last September.


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