Usk bar of silver

Fishing friend and gifted fly tyer Paul Rouse, whose midsummer fishing heroics in Russia appear in my newly published book, How To Catch More Salmon, texted me yesterday morning – “Stonking Usk salmon super fresh off this morning’s tide. Woo hoo.”
He caught the fish at 7am. He texted me at 7:11!

Fifty minutes later he said: “So bright it seemed impossible, even at 7am. Took the Finn the Fish approach and fished v v fast. Ta da” 


🤭Now got the hyper post fish buzz

Well done Paul.

Do you know what really pleases me – apart from it being a notable achievement for Paul, who lost a fish on his last outing?

The fact a description of the fast fishing tactics of a Danish salmon wizard called Finn, described in my book, helped him to the fish. And it is the second time I know of that has happened as my publisher, Charles Hewitt caught two hefty springers on the Spey recently after – as he told me ‘reading my book’. That means How To Catch More Salmon has accounted for 3 salmon and that’s less than a week after launch.

So the Farlows (9 Pall Mall) launch date (13 June) and details of the book is described in a recent post on the Farlows blog: Click here.

And finally, as they say. I was looking on the Beeb site just now and saw this hauntingly wild snapshot of the Faroe Islands taken by photographer Saviour Mifsud. Now one of the great things about having a blog is you can just drop things in just like that without a care in the world. Just for the hell of it. I’ve always wanted to fish the Faroes, where the fish are wild and the rivers are small but I believe grilse are to be caught. A second book I may work on now is about far flung fishing but possibly on a North Atlantic theme, and definitely a wild theme. The Faroes would qualify. Anyway here it is.

It is nice to say that once again Charlie White of Roxtons is out on the Varzuga with his hardy team of ice warriors for the first week of the season and they are catching fish (between the ice chunks). Charlie writes on the blog: “The water temperature is 3-4 degrees and we are fishing with heavy sink tips (T-10 to T-14) and 2 inch tubes in various shades of yellow, orange and red.”

For that all important first Saturday evening fish, Jonathan B (pictured below) landed two after Robin M caught the first fish of the season.  Robin went out the first full morning (Sunday) and landed another one before breakfast.”

Jonathan B with one of his Russian salmon – note the ice behind him!

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