Dry fly virgin, Xmas reading

Fact: I’ve never caught a salmon on a dry fly.

Needless to say I would like to. Especially on a Bomber. Or a Green Machine, or Glitter Bug or Carter Bug or any of those other wonderful Eastern Canadian salmon flies.

Yeah, that would be cool.

So there are two weeks left of the salmon season on the Tweed and Nith, at least. I know they were catching salmon at that lovely upper River Annan beat, Halleaths. Somewhere I’d like to fish in 2020.

I’ll finish for now with this picture of the Gaula’s M pool, looking up under the bridge to the home pool at Rogstadmoen. Out of focus in the foreground is the Dark Horse Templedog fly. It couldn’t get me a fish in August. I’ll try it again next summer.

Here’s one I caught earlier. Earlier as in 2018!

Of course, if you’re thinking of a Christmas present for a flyfisher – you may like to get them one of these! The paperback came out in September (this is me signing the first batch of hardbacks back in May this year). Available from Pen and Sword Books’ website, just search How To Catch More Salmon.

Tight lines!

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