Unseen footage from Fishpal’s Facebook Live

On the River Cains, NB, in September 2015

I made some notes before my appearance on Fishpal Live last month (7th May), in case I got stuck. I just really appreciated the platform and had some stuff to say, so I scribbled some lines of BIC biro across literally the back of an envelope (or was it the front?) and here they are (or some of them).

Because the reality was that on the day, thanks to the effortlessly assured and professional navigation provided by Anne Woodcock, I didn’t need to delve into my difficult-to-read prompts and we found other matters to talk about, yet on reading them now it seem a shame not to air some of them.

Mention the great work of the Angling Trust! (I did, or if I didn’t I’m mentioning it now and hey, AT, for whom I’m proud to be an ambassador, got England back fishing after the first covid loosener.)

Keep calm and carry on / be cool, calm and collected, why not?

Read my book before your next Fishing trip!

Never underestimate the power of a good competition! Anne organised a competition for three viewers to win e-books of How To Catch More Salmon!

My Aapgai mentor is Glyn Freeman – Ongoing! I’ve had lessons on the lovely River Eden with Glyn over the past few years.

An ambition – to get a Sunray-caught fish on the Eden (also filed under unfinished business/ to catch an English Salmon!)

Why the Eden?

Partly to learn beautiful casting. Partly to fish (option to get an Environment Agency day licence).

(On an Aapgai course once we saw a salmon move and Glyn said “Cover it Henry!” To no effect but a good moment!)

What else? Oh yes:

HTCMS is available in hardback, paperback, e-book and Kindle!

Also: VE Day; AWA, the mental health angle – talk about Matthew Wright on Fishpal Live talking about the Covid lockdown affecting us psychologically covid. The Constituency of salmon fishers – Fishpal Live marshalled by Anne.

And finally: Keep calm. Be human; happy; be yourself. Say you’ve been out of the loop somewhat; Use acting skills; Set up camera half outdoors? Patio atmosphere!

Now another note on the envelope :

Say about the Game Fair 2021 – sadly even the Sept 2020 date is now not possible. But John Hunter has booked me to talk in the Fishing Village then – I hope you’ll be able to make it. I shall hopefully be signing books at Paul Morgan’s stand and at the Angling Trust.

Celebrate the Covid haircut. (My third.) Oh yes.

Wot happens on tour stays on tour. Say you found your 2009 notebook in which you say about 20 salmon setting up blog.

Read a passage from Sidney Spencer’s Omnibus (thanks Sandy).

That book:

Bill Currie’s map and experience at his Raperlaw farmhouse with Kirsty the dog. The year was 1998. The month was August – it was wet and we were catching fish, Bill many more than me.

Next book? You’ll have to wait and see.

Writing the first book out in Gray Rapids, Canada.

Trond’s carrot & ‘I haven’t felt t same since Bowmore.’

The Adventure of Norway.

Managed early days – me staying at Maela & in the Tilseth shoe box.

Who wants some salmon advice?

Try something different.

Stalk your fish (keep a low profile, tread carefully). Clattering nets Tweed boats scraping I shocked!!

Fish fast/cover the water. Take a break.

Try a fast sinking line in deep pools, even in low water conditions.

In pools with a slow-flow, cast 90 degrees directly across, and ‘mend’ the line downstream to fish the fly from the off.

Never, ever give up (or lose the chance to have a go, even making a few casts between mouthfuls of a lunchtime sandwich – if the spirit moves you then fish and that’s when you’ll catch one). 

Don’t choke on that lunchtime sandwich when a fish takes!

Some ideas anyway!

Top 3 Salmon Fishing Hot Spots. (from your experience, where you’ve been, and why they’re good. If we can include pics from the book that’d be good!)


Charles Jardine was saying earlier in Lockdown about restarting the fishing – let’s play a straight bat – cover drive not edge it past the slips.

I liked Charles’ sensitivity on that one (our country, and world, remain in crisis – don’t be too happy clappy about restarting the sport we love).

Finally: In terms of Angling:

ESSENCE OF FISHING & (philosophy now): what kind of man – or woman – are you?

And this –

Middle Varzuga, midsummer 2014. I had just caught my 5th salmon of the morning on the penultimate day 💕 I could have gone on to fish the same spot that afternoon, on my second-to-last day – but instead went yomping down the river with camp manager Terry. And I only caught one that afternoon – but it was 14lb – my best of the week.

And that’s fishing.

2 thoughts on “Unseen footage from Fishpal’s Facebook Live

  1. Wow 😮 epic, that was a long read for the non fishing wife!

    I could talk horses allday and don’t have a top 3 salmon fishing hotspot, nor do I want to, but does this count?

    I used to spend my summers at Mudeford near Christchurch and used to enjoy seeing all the mackerel fisherman come in with their catch, although sea fishing is a lot smellier then fresh water salmon fishing! 🎣


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