On Hold by Henry Giles

Nice to have these words up on the Fishpal blog – which I here regblog, but do click thru to blog.fishpal.com also to see it in its original setting.

FishPal Journal

Looking back, looking forward

Is there a casting metaphor? You look back to see the line straighten behind you then look forward to where you want the fly to land.

Either way, looking back in time then forward from the lockdown bridge, it seems a spell of recalibration and fishing reset has characterised the lockdown.

Looking back, then, in Norway last August, there was much tolearn, about holding the loop. Jigging the fly. Turning when Spey casting to deliver a 90 degree cast. Setting the reel tighter so a taking fish takes up the loop then sets the hook hold.

Fishing the small fast water pots with a longer line from upstream, seemingly too insignificant to hold a salmon – and to those who know it, there are some of these pots downstream of the bridge at Kotsøy on the upper middle Gaula.

So why the learning then, and why…

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