Right there, right then

Saturday – Ellisland pool, Dalswinton.

So I whizzed up to the Nith. Caught nothing and whizzed back down again. No water, you see. And now there is water (3ft flood up the valley). And too late for me. I fished Dalswinton Saturday then swung by at Closeburn Monday and Tuesday morning. And now I see they caught a 12lb salmon and a 5lb grilse at Dalswinton today. Frustrating but I’m pleased for Andy Edgar (who caught the grilse) and his rods.

Saturday – Dalswinton.
Saturday – looking north to the Dalswinton hut.
Selfie Tuesday 🙄
Tuesday: Caulbeck stream. (Okay there was some water!)

Finally as I drove south I had an email from Andrew Nathan who enjoyed 2 days at bottom Tweed beat Horncliffe last week. He did well to hold out through the high water of Thursday to catch a fish that evening and he had two grilse the next day. Nice.

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