Summer doldrums

As this blogger dabbled in the Nith’s dwindling waters, before Wednesday’s floodwaters arrived, on Monday and Tuesday, things were turgid (also turbid) up north.

I don’t mean literally north of these words (see what I did there?!) – the wonderful map at the header of this blog – that is The Great New Brunswick Wilderness – a map by John Rice to mark Brad Burns’ fabulous new book On the Cains: Atlantic Salmon and Searun Brook Trout Fishing on the Miramichi’s Greatest Tributary (Stackpole Books). I have just received my book and it is a blast of real wilderness across the Pond salmon fishing to thrill the heart.

Turbid water on the Spey at Carron. Roadworks to blame? (Copyright Spey Fishery Board).

Back to Blighty. The weather’s been pretty weird. Much more ‘UK’ than before. And this week has been weirder than most.

Freddie Spence with a first ever salmon at Laggan (Copyright Spey Fishery Board).

It meant (before the current deluge) low water for the Spey and Findhorn, for example. So the Spey Fishery Board report out today, complained of inaccurate weather forecasting. However reported a handful of first-ever salmon for a select group of mostly young gentlemen. Big Yay to them.

Freddie Spence again! Carron this time (the other bank from Laggan? I should know I’ve fished it), and is this the first salmon? I don’t know!

The Dulnain coloured up, said the SFB, thanks to earthworks associated with prepping for the dualling of the A9.

Angus Weir (Carron). (Copyright Spey Fishery Board.)
Ben Nichols caught this 5lb Spey sea-trout. Something to be happy about!

But yeah also the Findhorn was down on her bones but my friends from the Beauly, Justin and Lucy Oldham, were giving it some last time I heard on Tuesday, so here’s hoping.

Finally, a little further north lies the wonderful River Carron (as opposed to Carron and Laggan on Speyside).
Fishing there at Amat was my Flyfishers friend Patrick Burrows and I asked him how he’d got on?

Patrick with a 13-pounder he caught (with 3 other salmon to make 4 for the week) at Amat in August 2019.

“Hi Henry. Yes Amat is currently happening. Tough conditions sadly with no proper rain. Only 2 small grilse caught for the week so far tomorrow is the last day). The only contact I’ve had was that I annoyingly lost a good cock salmon this morning on a micro hitch fly. It was on for 10-15 minutes and into the bank with someone else ready with the net then – can you believe it – one of the barbs of the hook snapped off!! It then quietly swam back into the river. Alas, however a good fish can go and spawn hopefully.”

Yes, Patrick, I can believe it. It’s called salmon fishing :0 And well done for the action /contact, you’ll get it in next time. 🙏 😀🌈🎣🌷

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