Dull but so very good

Turkey or not turkey? I always wanted to tie or acquire some traditional Dumfriesshire Brown Turkey salmon flies and try them on the Nith. The reason I haven’t is it is like choosing to wear a brown suit. It is at the end of the day just a little bit dull to dress in brown (albeit with a splash of yellow and red which I guess might equate to a tie or ‘fancy’ evening shirt).

However the Brown Turkey works for the fish that count (Atlantic salmon if you are new to this blog which is eleven years old this month – just had to get that in!). And it is a marked efficacy as attested by the man who got me started on the whole Nith adventure, way back in 2002, Brian Fratel. And appears in the printed page of the main illustration here.

Brian F’s Closeburn catch book showing an 8lb salmon on a Brown Turkey.

What could be more fun than a 28lb salmon on a BT? A 28lb salmon? You heard. Caught two weeks ago on the Nith at Dumfries tidal stretch the Wee Green.

Here is a hairwing version of the Brown Turkey, tied by the brilliant Davie McPhail. Looking at a range of BTs I am struck by how similar the colouring is to the deadly Phatakorva.
But in the end, for me a Brown Turkey should look super traditional – like these (also faded, blurred – you see what I did there?)
Playing a 15lb salmon on the River Cains, New Brunswick, in 2012. (Yep, that’s me.) Now to my shame I can’t remember what fly I was using but I think it was my Dark Horse (I say mine, I named it but the fly was conceived by Hakan Norling and Neil Stephenson.) Now the Dark Horse is in colour terms not far from the livery of a Phatakorva. And that in turn as stated here is rather like a Brown Turkey. Phew! Got there in the end!
Bogen Sondre 1 beat, now uppermost on the Norwegian Flyfishers Club water in Norway.

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