Paul scores on the island (or social distancing on Lewis)

PR has done it again. He has had a super varied fishing trip to, first, the Aberdeenshire Dee, and then the Islands (Lewis). Okay his trip coincided with the Indian summer (reflected in the fab shots here of Crathie, which he was fishing for the first time). But he caught two salmon (at least that’s the last I heard), also pictured here in classic ‘smartphone in one hand tail in the other’ modulation.

Gorgeous fly water at Crathie on the Dee.
Social distancing on Lewis.
The Dee fish and it’s a nice ‘last knockings’ story.
Paul writes: “I’d fished hard all day. The conditions were getting better all afternoon and the gillie said we could carry on after 5. Ros was sat in the hut waiting for me; wanting to go. I had that feeling, you know, when it is absolutely certainly going to happen. Bit of negotiation and bribery and was granted an extension. Caught it at 18.06.”

This just in from Paul (22.09. 2020) –
“Tad wet and windy on the Isle of Lewis Fhorsa system today.
Moved a salmon, caught a finnnock and 7 brownies – one a stonker.
I had to kneel down at one point the wind was too strong to stand up in!
Brilliant day.”

And so it goes, innit. Windy and not a virus in sight.

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