Tricky downs and ups

Gotta love this – looking south down Nithsdale to the Closeburn fishings – from the end of the drive of the bothy where I am staying.

Uneven on the river. Not a fish to be seen, which isn’t surprising as there’s been a rise in water level with rain coming in. So Saturday has the makings of a good day (& I hope tomorrow; Friday) but not while the Nith is rising. Contending also with a bit more rain tonight.

Talked to a flyfisher on the other, Barjarg, bank – I felt a bit sorry for him with not a sign of a salmon. That said he probably hooked a fish as soon as I left him!

Oh – did I not mention that I caught a salmon on Monday? Nose to fork of tail was 88cm so he (big kype) was quite a fish. Jumped three times and took me through a high bank bush so I had to slide into the river to untangle the line from branches with El Salmon luckily having a quiet spell out in the flow.
He went back well. A big beast: the still below (from an inadvertent video my soaking wet phone took / I have no idea how my phone still works after being submerged in the Nith for 2 minutes) is the best indication of his splendid head/kype.

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