A bonus fishing day

So. . So I thought the 2020 fishing season had ended. For me and, well, most of us. And yet there was the chance to fish Grafham with friends and I had a day off work. So I went and it was.. fascinating. Yes I salmon fish and hell this blog is about that, but I ‘grew up’ trout fishing (remember where you came from) and of course my fishing life and writing is about more than salmon, so that’s that.

Grafham was difficult (but not as hard as Rutland 60 miles up the A1M, apparently, at the moment), and the fishing was.. technical, nicely poised. Tricky, tricksy. I tried and caught one trout but other rods – local heroes – were pulling them out (they told me later) ‘on shrimp imitations.. with a bit of red in them’.

Others were catching nothing, it has to be said. So it was challenging, but that is really fascinating. I can see how Jim, who organised our trip yesterday, enjoys his season ticket there. And it gripped me: I’d like to go back even if it has to wait until 2021.

Grafham – and it wasn’t just that it was for obvious reasons an oasis from the pandemic – was social, ‘clubbable’. I met a friend, Rob W, down from Rutland and we swapped Nith stories. It was really good fun.

2 thoughts on “A bonus fishing day

  1. Glad you enjoyed Grafham Water, you used to love getting out Trout fishing when we lived in London. It’s not all about the Salmon!!!!

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