The FP Xmas Gifts Guide

It’s nice to be in the Fishpal Christmas Gifts Guide, which is available via this LINK. There’s a ‘read more’ link in the words about my book, How To Catch More Salmon that takes you through to the Sportfish website where HTCMS is available to buy.

It just remains to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, hopefully with at least a few hours (as in our case) with those we love, and a Happy 2021 endowed with rod-bending action.

And courage and strength and wisdom as we negotiate the difficult times ahead – which includes the courage and optimism to enjoy the good times when they are with us.

Carpe Diem … quam minimum credula postero.


So there’s the Roman poet in the first book of his Odes, writing in 27BC. While the second part of it is something about being circumspect about tomorrow.

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