The bigger picture

Betelgeuse looking nice and red in Orion in the January night sky just now.

Betelgeuse is the tenth brightest star in the night sky, although second to Rigel in the Orion constellation. And at near infra -red wavelengths, the brightest. It does have a reddish glow.

Is it a portent of the 2021 salmon season?

Let’s rather hope for good things with 2020’s engorged run of fish continuing.

Added the following day –
And while I’m at it, and feeling philosophical on Blue Monday, set up by cheerful and non-sarcastic people in the middle of LD3 as the most miserable day of the year, I heard the author Jessie Burton on R4’s The World at One today and she was enchanting. And cheering. I searched her on the search engine beginning with G and found this via The Telegraph:

“The best you can do is the best you can do. There is no better measure in the world for what that means, than clear-eyed self-acceptance” –

Jessie Burton, author (The Miniaturist).

Also on the Teleg’s homage to Blue Monday was this which, sorry Jessie, is even better in terms of profundity and that wonderful deeper level of acceptance really: just acknowledging how difficult things are and really can be. Once you’ve done that and accepted that – I think (and I’m sure these delightful women here would agree) – you are set free. Yes: Set. FREE. (Nice.)

“Acknowledge how difficult things are, and face the darkness in all of its hues. Then, you have to intentionally turn your attention to the light”

Julia Samuel MBE, psychotherapist

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