They said..

Fly Culture Magazine, Spring 2021 issue.

Really nice to get Emma and Pete Tyjas’s Fly Culture Magazine yesterday. A stunning looking objet all round with a ton of ‘real fishing’ words and pics. Exciting times with this new Spring 2021 issue arriving – I especially like the Jon Ogborne design and luv the l/out on Back for Thirds – so clean and ‘words centred’ by enlightened contrast to elsewhere in the mag.

My piece is one I started writing seven years ago, then re wrote several times. Yes I got obsessive. I hope you like the modernist twist and tense shifts.

Also in the issue, which can be ordered HERE is a nice hit of uber-atmospheric Ben Jailler and pics. I’ve got a thing about that ‘abandoned concrete’ look which just pulls up memories – and a writing muse fest.

And don’t miss Theo Pike.

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