Christopher Robinson

“In Russia alone he was responsible for developing 5 camps on the Varzuga River, 5 outlying river wilderness programmes, camps on the Kharlovka, Rynda and Varzina north coast rivers – and all with the full support of the local Russian authorities, with whom he had a great rapport. Initially with Rory Pilkington and latterly Charlie White he developed a salmon fishing programme that, over the years, has given many fishermen and women an experience of a lifetime, and the opportunity for beginners, or seasoned fishers, to enact and live their dreams.”

So reads the obituary for Christopher Robinson on the Roxtons website today.

And that’s the point about what Christopher achieved and gave. This is what he gave fishers out on those stunning Kola Peninsular camps. That experience of a lifetime.

For me his Varzuga blog posts were divine – especially those lazy June midsummer ones as the pace slowed. (With Bomber fishing in the evenings his great passion.)

His favourite fishing book was Thomas McGuane’s The Longest Silence, which we discussed one year at Sabacchi camp on the Varzuga.

Apart from joining him twice out there, I once saw him at work up close on one of his Fishing for Forces days when I went as a Trout and Salmon reporter. Wonderful with people and with a wicked ‘edge’.

Just some memories. I have a lump in my throat. Do read the link below for the story of how Army man Christopher set up the Russian operation from 1991-5. An amazing story and an amazing man. My sincere condolences to his wife and three sons.

Roxtons article here

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