Springers on the Findhorn

This is no brown turkey – news from the north of Scotland is that the River Findhorn has started to produce spring salmon to its rods. Specifically the Logie Estate beat (home of the famous art centre Logie Steading).

So not one, not two, not three but FOUR bars of silver were caught yesterday (28th April). We had been waiting for it; I asked the gillie, Ewen Manson, ten days ago if he’d had his first fish and he gave me that ‘Any day now’ gig.

So that’s good news and I understand one of the successful rods was Mark MacDonald with a fish from the Garden Pool.

I am still waiting for my first Findhorn salmon having got hold of a sprightly grilse two summers ago, that after feeling the hook point of a red Frances went completely berserk and ‘fell off’.

Hoping to get up there again in June though and it is so nice to see the fish coming in – even in low water or at least I think it’s low up there like everywhere else but maybe not, after all:

Findhorn is another country.

(Hope that is not taken too literally in these politically crazy times.)

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