Completely waiting

Wonder how many of you are feeling like I am right now. I’m looking out over a beautiful almost pre midsummer evening and yet my first fishing still seems a geological time-span away. I was hoping to fish the Beauly again but at the moment it is 40/60. Sooner than that there is the tantalising prospect of fishing the Findhorn on a beat that had 13 salmon last Wednesday. The gillie has pencilled in three days for us but making that into permanent marker pen involves sacrifices my side too.

But all in all do you feel like I do – just battered by the depressing pandemic and trying to get a handle on pre-post-pandemic life? Feeling a bit meh. Massively meh, even.

I am trying I really am. I am not giving up (never give up). I am conserving energy, am surrounded by brilliant people (here’s one of them now – Claire just scrunching across the gravel outside, picking up some tack we’ve been using driving Chloe’s horses) and just trying to support others knowing they’ll support me when my petrol tank is empty.

And it is like wading through treacle. Still happy days will come again. Which in turn will pass.

The lead photo here is an atmospheric of my latest article in Fly Culture Magazine, spring 2021 issue – get hold of one if you can although I have a horrible feeling they’ve sold out. If you do manage to read my gig – please let me know what you think. Feedback rocks.

So it finally remains to update here two hours into the Norwegian fly fishing season (salmon) that I wish the tightest of tight lines and skitfiske to hardy souls out there on the big rivers like Orkla Gaula and Namsen and Alta. Go make this a great season. May your line pull away into something solid and very big.

Happy days with sister Kate, Neil Bryson and the wild skyline of Islay one fishy September visit many years ago.

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