Norway update

On day two of the Norwegian salmon season it was nice to hear from Thies R who has to look on from Germany because of CV19 –

“Yes one fish was caught yesterday. Today is a bit quiet, but only a few rods are fishing right now. The conditions for the start have been great and it hurts so much not to be able to be up there now. Last year the first 14 days have been basically unfishable for us and now we have dream conditions, but can’t be there. I hope they will change the travel restriction soon, so we finally can go.


“A few more days of very hot weather, but after that the snow will be gone and my guess is that the fish will pass the Gaulfossen in the beginning of next week. This will probably be to early for us to be there and fish for the first run of fish above the Gaulfossen.”

We feel your pain, Thies.

Erik Fjeldall and Alastair Dunbar caught fish on the NFC E beats on June 1 and 2nd, respectively.

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