Where to go

Do you ever, as a fisherman, have an idea it’s time you went fishing but then you look a bit more into it. You find that international travel is out for a number of reasons and I’m not going to mention the boring one. So you think Scotland. Or England, but probably Scotland.

And you look into it a bit. You find there is no rain in Scotland, apart from ‘the far north’ but even there there is not much.

So you look at some of the river levels and they all read 0, or more probably -3 or -4. Okay +1 if you’re lucky. Even if four hours of ‘heavy rain’ is forecast in about 5 days’ time you are not exactly feeling the fishing prospects love.

So what do you do? Not go fishing is an option but then you feel a slump of ennui and discontent. So you plan to delay your fishing trip by a month or so. But that’s not really a solution. That’s a desperate measure. And doesn’t fit in with annual leave notice requirements of your job.

I don’t know what you do but it has something to do with doing nothing. For now.

The River Findhorn, July 2021.

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