First time out this year

It was nice to get a rod in my hand and have a go on Bewl Water on Friday. Chloe and I had driven south from Cambridgeshire on a mission to see friends on their Kent farm and stay the night and it was actually Chloe who’d said: ‘You should fish Bewl.’

And so I did, using a thrown together Partridge rod and Rio AFS outfit that was quite fun to use for 2.5 hours down near the north side of the dam. The only fish I saw rose well within casting distance but hard to pin down and didn’t want my fly.

That was it and then I met Tim the security man with his German shepherd who established that I was a fishing person in the gathering gloom then indicated the only way I’d get off the site after 640pm was by walking ten minutes to the gate, which would now be locked, and climbing over it.

So I did this, an hour later as it got dark. Then Chloe and Jane rocked up and we had a good evening topped off with a midnight walk with Jane’s partner, Myles, whose family has farmed where we were sleeping for 6 generations going back to 1860. And he and one of his two brothers still live there.

Where am I fishing this year? There is a chance of Miramichi and Findhorn, but definitely the Nith and hopefully some English rivers now, because I bought my full salmon rod licence this time and hope to use it to catch my first ever English salmon.

If you can get hold of the current Fly Culture magazine (the spring issue) I have an article in there, and also one in the forthcoming Flyfisher’s Journal (out any day now?). About the Nith and Findhorn (2021 visits) respectively.

Keep spirits up in the difficult times we’re in. That’s it, more tales from the riverbank later in the season.

2 thoughts on “First time out this year

  1. Nice to see you going fishing again, thought you seemed a little over confident telling everyone you would be brining a trout home for tea, luckily Myles had been to get us all Fish & Chips (well Hallumi & Chips for Jane and I), so your lack of fish was OK, next time though, and maybe James can join you! Sorry it was pitch black and so late by the time we rocked up with your lift back, it was rather slow driving in the dark on new country roads.

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