Welcome, fellow adventurers. Nine years on, I’m still blogging. And now I’m relaunching this site with a little help from my wife, Chloe. Please follow, ie properly via email, or if you’re a fellow wordpresser, or just a stout fellow, updates.

Also, I’m writing elsewhere too: a book on, guess what? Salmon fishing, that’s what. Well I’ve written it actually. Out in Jan 2019 (Barnsley based publisher White Owl Books, an imprint of Pen and Sword, well-known for their books on military history – mostly WWI and II. Please Google and follow them via the ‘social’). I’ve also had some articles published – in the last ever Waterlog magazine  (well no. 99 & we hope to see Medlar Press continue online). Also 2 recent articles in the Flyfishers’ Journal. The last on a beautiful afternoon in Russia in midsummer 2014. That’s it. Enjoy.

A dark but firm seven-pounder, Moors pool, Cains River, September 2016

Anyway here’s my original, first-ever HSA post:

Congratulations, you have found your way to the blog of a salmon fishing obsessive. I’m sure you feel the same otherwise you are 1) my wife helping me set up my blog or 2) a less than 100 per cent fishing friend (but 100 per cent friend) whom I’ve co-erced into looking at this.

Writing about fishing is far more than writing about catching fish.

“The ancient commission of the writer has not changed. He is charged with exposing our many grievous faults and failures, with dredging up to the light of our dark and dangerous dreams for the purpose of improvement. Furthermore, the writer is delegated to declare and to celebrate man’s proven capacity for greatness of heart and spirit – for 200520112071-1gallantry in defeat – for courage, compassion and love.” John Steinbeck, on accepting his Nobel Prize for literature in 1962.

I’ve met some great fishermen and they are always great company. Even in ‘defeat’ – a dream tarnished, an argument among friends, a salmon lost at the net – they enhance life with their humanity, wisdom and friendship.  It’s there too in times of success and celebration, and let’s just say that fishermen know how to celebrate!

So here’s to tight lines, good fishing conversation, cameraderie … and adventure.


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