News from around the rivers of the North Atlantic

But first (24/Oct/2020) – The Angling Trust have rejigged their Ambassadors page and yours truly is still clinging on to a select group of 75 via this LINK (and below).
Seriously it means a lot to me and I try to help spread the word – especially in CV19 pandemic times when fishing is one of the great ways to socially distance (of course) but also to keep sane.

We also try and fight to keep the rivers open during the pandemic: I’ve been fishing a bit in this iconic year of 2020 and one thing is clear – there’s nothing more likely to keep you far from the clutches of CV19 than hitting the deep country with a fishing rod. And I agree with @AnglingTrust here (and elsewhere).

HTCMS is now available in paperback!

Dad with the Florence fisher-boy.