Dungarvon and Renous

img_0541The Dungarvon River is a tributary of the Renous River. It wells up in a lake in the Miramichi uplands, part of the Appalachian mountains and joins the main southwest Miramichi.

We went there yesterday.

20160929_113638There is limited road access to the Dungarvon, as it largely flows through deeply forested terrain. Bears live here, more this year than ever, we were told by our guide Duncan. His friend who guides hunting groups has shot 35 over the Continue reading

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Four years exactly


On September 28 four years ago I fished a pool call Moors on the River Cains (in New Brunswick, Canada). It was a wild and beautiful place and it produced a thumping big salmon that day.

That was then and this is now, or was last night.

We drove through the forest.

img_0459I tied on a hairy red fly. Then after 5 casts decided it was too hairy and too red. So I put on a small black one. Well, Continue reading

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Friday photo

14257601_10157485199555565_2817242570131177338_oThanks and credit to the Atlantic Salmon Federation for this nicely shot photo. The ASF does a lot of good work for the species both sides of the Atlantic and on Saturday October 1st will feature at the ATLANTIC SALMON MUSEUM in Doaktown for the 33rd Annual HALL OF FAME DINNER. Continue reading

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The Beast – and a beauty


Kevin with his bruiser from Gaula’s Junction pool. Thirty one pounds and he looks it.

So the weeks pass by after a memorable visit to the Gaula at the start of this month and before August, and the Norway salmon season, ends next Wednesday, I just wanted to post this photo of our lodge mate Kevin Knowles from California with his big one.

It’s a male fish, was released like all our fish that week, and it was exactly double the size of one I caught that same morning of Friday 5 August. Continue reading

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Russia in Caithness

So. (Sometimes you have to start with So don’t you?) The Thurso.

Four hundred and 42 salmon to 24 rods in one week last month.

It’s like the Kola peninsula really, and to have it happening in Scotland is great news.

Anyway. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. And dream.

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Back and Beyond


Simon Kitcher and Christopher discuss tactics on Gaula’s G1 bridge.

Well I’m back. From Norway. It was.. words fail me. Good, really good. And special.

Grilse perfection off the tide.

Grilse perfection off the tide.

So what happened? It rained. And we caught some fish. And we met some great guys especially Pierre from Switzerland, who is cool.

What else happened? We stayed in Per Arneberg’s marvellous lodge. We (I) stayed up very late each night drinking nothing stronger than coffee. We looked

Christopher's  'Robjents' flybox.

Christopher’s ‘Robjents’ flybox.


C casts on beat E7, where there was a double hook-up our first night (not by us!). And a colossal fish was lost after it went down under the Kval bridge then sawed the leader to shreds on a rock :O

on in admiration as the Young Americans drank hooches of beer yet still caught fish throughout including a 31-pounder (you heard).

And we met Supa Guide Simon K, outwith whom there is no Gaula knowledge worth Continue reading

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Scotland’s summer bounty

IMG_0219Braewater on the Spey brought good water for fishing friend Christopher this month. Levels fell from 1’6″ to 4″ and in slightly coloured water a cast in Lower Dipple on Thursday with a size 6 Castle Killer brought this nice silver summer salmon. Christopher said “We averaged 3 fish a day all above 10 pounds and most in the high teens.”

Gillie Hugh Stevens holds Christopher’s fish.

Elsewhere, FFC friend Neville managed seven sea-trout and three salmon at Tillmouth, fishing with another club member and friend, Chris Lapsa, about three weeks Continue reading

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