The Glenkiln Sculptures

I forget whether I ever blogged about the Glenkiln reservoir sculptures my dad and I, and my mother on one occasion, used to visit before they were stolen, well one was and the others removed about 5 years ago. Sculptures by Rodin, Henry Moore and Jacob Epstein. We still have the photographs and for me they still stand in the wild Dumfriesshire uplands . .

Tammy Tour Guide

Glenkiln Sculpture Trail Glenkiln Sculpture Trail

Guest blog by Tony van Diesel

A trip to the Glenkiln sculpture walk in the Dumfriesshire countryside seemed like an inspired plan for a cultural walk. But it was to end in a big disappointment.

Tammy had been leafing through our favourite mini-walks guide book. When she suggested that we could see a Rodin, an Epstein and no less than four Henry Moores all on a four mile walk, it seemed the perfect choice.

We quickly polished off the brunch frankfurters and set off to Glenkiln reservoir, just a few miles to the east of Dumfries.

Art attack

Glenkiln Sculpture Trail Glenkiln Reservoir car park

We parked the van at the head of the reservoir, and were a bit puzzled when the Rodin “Saint John the Baptist” wasn’t where we thought it would be, overlooking the car park.

But we put it down to bad navigation, or poor observational skills, both of which…

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Highlands adventure


Northern boathouse. Photo by Paul Rouse

A friend I met yesterday is planning a multi week / month trip around the Highlands of Scotland from late June 2018. He’d like to fish association water for salmon and sea trout up there.

Can anyone advise on detail of where’s good plus prices/ contacts?

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November challenge

Murdo-Crosbie-Cowhill-8lb-salmon-released-1I have been sorting through all my fishing photographs, and some images that are not mine, for a, ahem, project I am working on (more news very soon) and one action shot I really like is this one of an 8lb salmon being played at the Cowhill beat of the Nith. That much I can get from the jpg info, and also the name Murdo Crosbie.

If anyone knows Mr Crosbie, or can give more info, or if indeed this is your photo, then please get in touch. It is a nice shot with a good ‘fish on’ bend in the rod. Looks like September? Finally, the info says the fish was released.

So apologies for a bit of a no show of late on the blog (see above project). Hope you rounded of your seasons well if you don’t still have a day or two on Nith or Tweed.


Mira comes good


Well done Christopher on your Doctor’s Island ‘20’.


PS My book is all but written. It will help you to catch one of these, and then one or two more after that..


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Fall colours coming through

3picMira17It should really be Fall colors or alternatively, Autumn colours shouldn’t it. Ha.

So here is a quick one from the Miramichi. Pictured is the Southwest pool just below our house on which we have shared drought-shrunken water with six other ‘sports’ from (Byzie’s) Country Haven camp, a fair few head-and-tailing but disinterested salmon, one right under my rod tip, and… a belly-flopping beaver. I just knew it wasn’t a salmon as it was close in to the bank. Didn’t I??

Happy days and a bunch of fishing friends including ‘BB’ author of Closing the Season – a Continue reading

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It has begun

20170818_093818 (1)

The bridge below Tyssholen, Gaula. The Pot is to right of shot.

August bank holiday Monday, the start of autumn. Nearly. That means the start of autumn fishing and with slots lined up at the end of next month and the start of the one after, I have some proper salmon fishing to look foward to.

I hope you do too.

One legendary fisherman I know is wading out into the waters of Upper Floors this morning. He is a lucky man, although the Tweed had a slightly disappointing week last week, according to Martin Ritchie’s excellent River Tweed report yesterday. But with water settling yesterday and the black water clearing this could be the start of the big catches.

Sandy will perhaps receive a visitation from the Duke, the big man from the castle. I hope to post here with a report of how he gets on.

Just a quick update to say I had a super week on the Gaula with AAPGAI master Ian May this month. We had such good fun, just to watch Ian casting and to hopefully pick up bits and pieces was so worthwhile. Fish action was muted. We saw many many ‘salmons’ and a tricky one Continue reading

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Pierre hits Gaula running

It has been a pleasure to get some regular updates from our (not royal we, I mean Christopher and my) pal Pierre Egger out on the Norwegian Flyfishers’ Club waters of the Gaula this week.

“Hello,” he said yesterday.  “I got a 10.8 kg this morning. Big 20 minutes fight with this beautiful fresh fish. Best regards. Pierre”

He’s had a couple of grilse too.

Said Pierre: “The successful flies have been banana for two fishes and black and yellow for the third Continue reading