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Fall colours coming through

Ever seen a belly flopping beaver and thought it was a fish? Me neither. Continue reading

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Dungarvon and Renous

The Dungarvon River is a tributary of the Renous River. It wells up in a lake in the Miramichi uplands, part of the Appalachian mountains and joins the main southwest Miramichi. We went there yesterday. There is limited road access to the … Continue reading

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Four years exactly

On September 28 four years ago I fished a pool call Moors on the River Cains (in New Brunswick, Canada). It was a wild and beautiful place and it produced a thumping big salmon that day. That was then and … Continue reading

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Friday photo

Thanks and credit to the Atlantic Salmon Federation for this nicely shot photo. The ASF does a lot of good work for the species both sides of the Atlantic and on Saturday October 1st will feature at the ATLANTIC SALMON MUSEUM in Doaktown for … Continue reading

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Good works by the MSA

It was good to hear that three fishing friends attended the recent annual dinner of the Miramichi Salmon Association in Burlington, MA and they returned heartening reports of excellent conservation initiatives by groupings of industry and conservational bodies to promote salmon numbers on … Continue reading

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Kim’s under water

It was very good to talk to Christopher last night on the phone. Christopher, who has twice invited me fishing at his burgeoning camp on Canada’s Southwest Miramichi, as well as on a memorable Spey visit three years ago, sent … Continue reading

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After an exciting Day 1 yesterday,  Christopher and I drove the Ford right next to the river at Stett pool this morning (above). Christopher (above) fished well and I hope I did with a wee Green Machine turle-knotted to a … Continue reading

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